How many CBD oil producers do you know with an ISO 22000 certificate? Exactly! When considering our partnership this was a large reason for doing so. Dutch Natural Healing is one of the few hemp oil manufacturers worldwide, who’re granted the highest possible certificate regarding food safety and quality management. For a medium sized business as we were, achieving this status was only a dream due to the costs and regulations now imposed….especially in the UK.  Why is it so important to have this certification for their production facility and management system? Discover the most important benefits of ISO certified CBD oil production:

ISO 22000 Certified CBD oil

Companies producing foodstuff, like Dutch Natural Healing, have an immense responsibility as consumers rely on our expertise and care during production. But what guarantees do you get? because theoretically speaking, everyone could pretend and say their products are made safely and are held up to the highest possible quality standards whilst offering a poorly produced product coming from one’s dirty home kitchen….Something that has unfortunately been reported in some cases.

Moreover, hemp has a hard time as it is. With regulators and food safety agencies making it difficult for hemp farmers and oil producers to stay hopeful and foresee a bright future. Dutch Natural Healing have always tried to be a ‘safe beacon’ and steady factor in this industry, something we noticed from our first meeting back in 2014. This has required large investments of not only money but energy through the years. Though luckily, these efforts have now been recognised and rightfully crowned.

That is why we’re ecstatic to work with Dutch Natural Healing and their ISO 22000 certificate. Proving the company’s management and production process are held up to the highest possible standards regarding food safety; set by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and checked by an official and authorised agency. This ISO 22000-certificate covers basic management of systems, personnel, internal and external communication and hygienic principles. Ensuring only products of the highest quality produced under the highest quality standard!

Food Safety Management

The ISO 22000 certificate focuses on every aspect of food safety, with the main goal being to avoid any an all possible ‘contaminations’. That begins with a proper management system, carrying all the information needed to produce consistent, high quality CBD oil. For example, this includes a clear and interactive communication between all the disciplines needed in production. So that everyone knows exactly what to do and what’s already been done within the production process.

This makes the job a whole lot easier to do, but it also helps focus on quality – as we have nothing else to worry about. Every part of the company’s management and internal communication is written out and explained in our ISO documentation. So there is absolutely no room for errors, when producing ISO certified CBD oil!

Hygiene standards

Food safety isn’t food safety if it doesn’t include hygiene standards. Because let’s be honest, this is one of the most important aspects of producing a safe and clean CBD oil. So to finally receive the ISO certificate for their CBD oil production facility; they had to up their game in terms of hygiene.

I have visited the facility in the Netherlands numerous times before the ISO certification and know that the team already put a lot of effort in making sure their facilities – and products made – were clean long before they even applied for the certificate. Though now, all these efforts are precisely registered; all the way up to the (storage and usage of) specific detergents we use for cleaning certain objects. Amongst a few other standards they now have in place, and carry out according to the ISO 22000 standards.

Traceability: CBD from seed to shelf

One of the most important aspects of the certificate is that every product is now traceable. ‘From seed to shelf’ CBD Oil, if you will. This means that every supplier is registered; and each ingredient we use is documented upon arrival at their facility. Moreover, each batch of oil made is documented using a unique batch number as well; including the unique batch numbers of each ingredient per batch.

So if there’s a call-back on any ingredient or product used – or in case the quality is not up to the highest standards – it is known exactly which products need to be called back, wherever they are in the world! This hasn’t happened before and with all standards in quality management and testing in place, there’s a chance it’ll never happen in the future. Though if it does happen, we can solve it before it becomes a problem. Guaranteeing the very best, ISO certified CBD oil available on the market.

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