We appreciate the taste of CBD oil is not to everyones liking. Although some people really enjoy the rich, spicy and vegetal taste of CBD oils and extracts; others will agree it’s an acquired taste. For those who use on a daily basis and/or multiple times a day, it’s understandable some may prefer a nice taste in their supplement – without comprising the oil’s effects. Luckily, the most effective CBD oil in the world, can also be the best tasting CBD oil for daily use. This is why:

Taste and effect of CBD Oil

To begin with, we do not believe in artificial flavouring. Especially not in nature’s most magical creation: hemp extracts and CBD oils. That’s why you will never find a bubble gum flavoured CBD oil in the Dutch Natural Healing assortment, for example. However, we do understand some people need some flavour in their CBD oil to make it bearable. Because while some people really enjoy the vegetal, organic taste of CBD oils – others simply hate it.

Yet we cannot throw just anything in our products to make them taste better, as this might greatly affect the CBD oil’s effects. As you might know, the effects cannabinoids like Cannabidiol (CBD) offer us, mostly depend on flavourful terpenes. We’re talking about the entourage-effect, a synergy between the naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes from the hemp plant. That is why our nicely balanced and terpene-rich original CBD oil 8% – 10ml (800mg) is arguably one of the most effective – and most copied – CBD products on the market. But again, not the tastiest if the vegetal taste of CBD is not your thing. And while we do our best to cater to our customer’s wishes in terms of consumer-experience; the CBD’s efficacy always remains our number one priority.

Best Tasting CBD

So while we explore the ways to make a better tasting CBD oil for those in need, we keep a few things in mind. For starters, as we explained above, the flavouring should not impact the efficacy of the product in a negative way. This means that it cannot be voluminous and dilute our product for example, making it less concentrated and effective. Though it also means that the added flavour should not interact with the CBD negatively or greatly change the chemical make-up of the product, compromising its effects.

Furthermore, we think it is of the highest importance that any additions to our hemp extracts and CBD oils are of natural origin. No artificial, sugary and unhealthy E-numbers; but rather simple and well-tasting essential oils. With a hint of lemon and mint essential oils, we were able to add a nice taste our original CBD oils, without changing the product’s success. Allowing everyone to enjoy the beneficial effects of CBD on their health, in a tasty and consumer-friendly way.

If the taste of CBD oil is not ‘your cup of tea’, but you still want to enjoy CBD’s health benefits how nature intended; this is definitely something you want to try:


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